1. From communication to reputation

Communication is a process more and more complex. How can we answer the demand of transparency at the same time we inspire confidence? What role should innovation play in this new scenario?

“Establishing relations from you to you based on arguments, but transparent ones, where you can be wrong, where you don’t have to be good at everything. But I think that’s what generates trust. In the end you have to learn from human relations.”

Luisa García, CEO Andean Region

2. The faces of reputation today

In this changing context, communication professionals (consultants, journalists, dircoms, etc.) must evolve. Which skills play the difference? Where should they focus their efforts?

“The informative and dissemination functions have been incorporated decisively and definitively by the users of the media. And that puts us in a completely different paradigm.”

José Antonio Zarzalejos, journalist and member of Advisory Council

3. Communicate by conversing

In its bet of making communication a professional thing, which have been the keys of LLORENTE & CUENCA model in its 20 first years?

“We may have started​ ​without a strategic vision,​ ​but rather taking advantage of​ ​those business opportunities​ ​we could find in those markets​ ​that were possibly more immature​ in the region, and later we decided​ we had to be​ the number one player, and we took on​ the bigger and more mature markets.”

​Alejandro Romero, Partner and Latin America CEO

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“I think society​ compels us to surpass​ the limits of what we used to think of​ when we thought of communication.”

​José Antonio Llorente. President and Founder Partner


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